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* Welcome to Reefers Paradise

This is a community site for the exchange of ideas and discussion about maintaining and owning a Reef Aquarium, we also have forums for freshwater aquarists. There is a lot more to see once you become a member as some forums are invisible to guests, so if you want to become part of a very friendly community then click on the registration link on the main Menu bar today.

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2014 4rs
 Views: 691
Posted by Palting
Apr 11, 2014
in Aquarium 2

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Center piece of my tank at the moment.  If you can tell its big, my tang is about 7"
 Views: 88
Posted by Cyber-Burn
Jun 18, 2011
in CB's 75 Gallon
IMG 0155s
 Views: 199
Posted by Palting
Jul 21, 2011
in Palting
Full Tank Shot with Tang in Left Corner.  Yes, it does have HLLE.
 Views: 485
Posted by Cyber-Burn
Aug 01, 2010
in CB's 75 Gallon
One of the two cleaners
 Views: 146
Posted by JP-79er
Aug 03, 2010
in Ocean Views
IMG 1147fcs
 Views: 68
 Rating: 4.98
Posted by Palting
Oct 14, 2011
in Palting
IMG 1274s
 Views: 490
Posted by Palting
Nov 25, 2011
in Palting
IMG 1145c1
 Views: 216
Posted by Palting
Oct 12, 2011
in Palting
IMG 0021cs
 Views: 72
Posted by Palting
Oct 14, 2011
in Timeline