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Author Topic: LPS common names  (Read 3136 times)

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LPS common names
« on: January 30, 2011, 07:14:48 PM »
Making a list of lps names with links to their pages....

LSP Common namesAcan
acan echinata http://www.reefersparadise.com/smf/index.php?topic=233.msg744#msg744
acan lord
acan sub echinata
acan subechinata
acid trip echino
Alien eye chalice
alien moon favia
aussie scoly
baby's breath favia
Bali green slimer
bazooka joe chalice
birdsnest (see SPS coral section)
black sun coral tubastrea
Blasto merletti
Blasto wellsi
bleeding apple scoly
blue millie (see sps corals)
brain coral
bryan's baby chalice (hybrid watermelon)
bubble coral
bubblegum chalice echino
button coral
Candle light acro
Candy cane coral
captain america echino
cats eye coral
Christmas favia
closed brain coral
crayola nana
cup coral (turbinaria)
deepwater lobo
dome coral
doughnut coral (scoly)
dragon soul chalice
echinophyllia aspera
Elegance coral
emerald mummy eye chalice
Fan coral
fire and ice echino
firefly echino
flame thrower chalice
Flower pot coral
fox coral
garf bonsai
golddigger chalice
gold torch
grape ape
grape coral
Green star polyps
Hammer coral
Honeycomb coral
Hot lava echino chalice
hot tamale chalice
hybrid watermelon echino chalice
incredible hulk
independance day echino chalice
indonesian scoly (acanthophyllia deshayesiana)
jasmine coral
jayda's watermelon echino chalice
kryptonite candy cane
maze brain coral
maze coral
Meat coral
melting pot echino chalice
metallic green
metallic orange
metallic red flower pot
meteor shower cyphastrea
miami hurricane chalice
millie (see SPS coral section)
mind bender chalice
modern coral
molten lobo
moon coral
Moon favia
mummy eye echino chalice
mushroom (chalice) coral
neon green
octobubble coral
open brain coral
orange crush echino chalice
orange hammer
oranjee echino chalice
oregon mummy eye
oregon tort
pagoda cup coral
paradise chalice
peace coral favites
pearl coral
pink boobies enchino
pink hammer
pink panties acan
plate coral
prism favia
pumpkin patch echino chalice
purple tipped hammer
rainbow acan
rainbow delight
rasta echino
Razor coral
riddler mycedium
rose brain coral
Spider web favia
star coral
star galaxea
strawberry shortcake echino
sun coral
superman chalice
tie dye scoly
tongue coral
Torch coral
Trumpet coral
Tyree watermelon echino chalice
tyree's cyphastrea japonica
War coral favites
warpaint scoly
watermelon chalice
watermelon echino
Whisker coral

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